Unique 12x12 Wetplate Tintype
Her fragile heart would not be handled with such ham-handedness again.    7x7"
In that moment he reacted with complete honesty, maybe for the first time.   7x7"
He hid his feelings behind a mask of his own making.   12x12" (ORIGINAL- SOLD)
She held onto her hope like a life preserver.   7x7"
He would never be interested in me.   12x12"
She was the smartest one in the room, but she couldn't show it.   7x7" (ORIGINAL- SOLD)
Even sleep provided no rest.   12x12"
The words just never seem to come out right.   12x12" (ORIGINAL- SOLD)
“They will never find me here…”she repeated to herself over and over again.   7x7"
He had always relied greatly on his looks to get noticed…   12x12"
It was all in his head.   12x12"
This is what I will share of me and nothing more.   12x12"
She sat before him, open, vulnerable, waiting for some sign of understanding.   12x12"
His heart beat so hard, the sound of it drowned out the noise of the crowd around him.   7x7"
She couldn’t remember when it became her against them…   7x7"
Her spot in the self-help aisle was free.    7x7"
Selfie!   12x12"
The tornado of negative voices in her head was carrying her far, far away.   7x7"
Skin deep was as deep as they wanted to go.   7x7"
Wants love but will settle for sex.   7x7"
It would be so easy to crawl back into my shell.   12x12"
I feel separate, removed from everyone else.   7x7"
She envied his "come as it may" attitude.   (Dyptic) 12x12" x2
The bell rings and she comes out swinging.   7x7"
Just one more and I'll be good.   12x12"
So tired of trying to be that for you.   7x7"
I am in control. (Diptych) 7x7" x2
I must be strong.   7x7" (ORIGINAL- SOLD)
Too tired to let go.   12x12"
Not the real me.   7x7"
Wanting to be seen but always feeling watched.   12x12"
So tired of being alone.   12x12"
I am saving myself.   7x7"
Must we always play these games?   7x7"
Barely holding it together.   12x12"
You only love me when I'm drunk.   7x7"
He couldn't find a balance.   12x12"
"It's now or never," he thought, took a deep breath and opened the door.   12x12"
Blinded.   12x12"
An easy target.   12x12"
Everything must be perfect.   12x12"
There was comfort in being invisible.   12x12"
…makes me stronger.   12x12"
Please...   12x12"
She thought she had to be a Goodtime Girl.   7x7"
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